Dec 09, 2016 · Idles a lil under 40, and going down the road it's 40+. Click to expand... You might want to do a quick test. Turn the ignition to the run position without starting it and watch the gauges energize. If it oil pressure needle sticks at ~40psi with the engine off (i.e. no pressure) you have a bad oil pressure sending unit.
Oil pressure light would flicker at hot idle and eventually would stay on constant but no "LOW OIL PRESSURE" message and mechanical gage was showing I would really like to know if the flickering I'm seeing on the mechanical gage is normal for these engines and if not what could be causing it.
Extreme or higher then normal oil pressure will only damage bearing's if case or block internal oil gallies and clearances are so tight causing a restriction and shortage of flow . Ive witnessed extreme oil pressure blow up filters and hoses , and in turbo applications it's reccommended to jet down the flow to the turbo only .
...the screens almost gone and I've seen them like this both had low oil pressure at idle when the idle increased so did the oil pressure so driving there was no light. I think you need a manual. They tell you both shafts and the idler pulley all have to be swapped for new.
About 10psi at all temperatures seems to be the average. 10psi might not sound like much but it is, going from 5psi hot idle to 15psi hot idle is a bunch. You can limp your motor along, revving it up at lights but low pressure will shorten its life and that hot summer day you start it and walk away will end the motor.
Aug 02, 2005 · It all depends on how the motor is built. Bearing clearances, oil pump, oil pump bypass, oil weight and other things determin what oil pressure you will see. A FS motor does not see oil pressure untill it is high in the RPM band. (it is scary seeing under 10psi at idle!!!) Then A RS or Renegade motor sees tons of oil pressure.
the stock gauge and sender can be flakey, stock idle readign should be aroudn 14 psi iirc, you can test thsi with a mechanical gauge in the sender port, cold start and higher revs will yield higher pressures, and as the engine bearings and rings...
Oil Pressure (Minimum at Normal Operating Temperature) 1000 42 kPa (6 psig) 2000 125 kPa (18 psig) 4000 166 kPa (24 psig) Aug 31, 2005 · Posted to Asian Engine on 8/30/2005 17 Replies. Hi group. Customer just bought a used 02 Tundra and the oil pressure gague reads VERY LOW WHEN IDLING in gear. I checked in the owner's manual, and it says that anywhere from the"L" on the gague to mid way up is normal for hot idle on this vehicle!
May 27, 2019 · Low oil pressure will cause the engine to seize up. When the oil pressure light on, it should be assumed that the engine locking up is imminent. We advise not running the engine until the issue can be properly diagnosed. Low Oil Pressure Causes: GMC Yukon. There are many things that can cause low oil pressure. Below, we’ll review the most ...
Dec 04, 2012 · Jeep lovers I cant figure this one out.. its a 1990 4x4 4.0 L Cherokee, Even after an oil change the oil pressure gauge says 40+ psi when I first start the motor but after warming up to 185 degrees the oil presure drops to around 20 psi and alittle lower at idel speed.
I. What Should My Oil Pressure Be? Normal oil pressure may vary slightly from one vehicle model to another. When there's proper pressure, you'll Answer: Check section "VI. I Have Low Oil Pressure at Idle" in the post to get an idea about the problem. Question: I have 2008 Dodge Durango 5.7 Hemi.
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Sounds normal to me. My srt has gotten as low as 24 to 25psi but of course thats after the motor running for a little while. On the highway it stays around 60psi. Of course cold motors are always higher somewhere in the 70's. If your motor was warm 25psi is normal @ idle but if it drops to alot less, look out After I shut down for a few hours, I started the truck and ran 6 hours home while it had normal pressure 20 idle/40 @1300rpm Put 1 gallon diesel in the oil 30 miles before oil change shop. Oil changed. Started truck oil pressure stays at 40psi idle thru 1800rpm Shut down for a few days, changed Oil Pressure Sensor and restarted engine. Still ...
startup 75 psi looks good to me at 60F 15w-40 is heavy oil and 10psi at idle is low if your rpm is 900rpm MK2 you can adjust idle rpm by hand if it's below 900rpm but then again I've read somewhere that a rule is 10psi /1000 rpm so 3000 rpm 30 psi is minimum alowed
Sep 06, 2015 · Harley calls for a minimum at idle of 10 lbs. and max pressure above 55mph of 36-38 lbs. Above that pressure and from what I'm reading you stand a chance of starving the lower end. I think you need to use a master oil pressure gauge and go from there.
they are saying it might be the sludge in the engine blocking oil flow through the system that is causing the low oil pressure. they did a manual guage oil pressure test and interestingly the oil pressure is ok at idle but would drop when it goes above 4k rpm.
Dec 03, 2016 · The one on the dash will stay at 100psi until the oil gets warm and then they both move down together. Cat tech say, cold startup pressure should be around 87psi above 100psi could blow the oil filter apart. So my question is has anyone replace the oil pump to solve this problem or replace the relief valve in the filter head.
Jan 30, 2012 · Ditto on the oil filter. Every GM truck I've ever driven had around 20psi at hot idle and 40+ at road speed. My 8.1 has been the only one different as it runs 35/55psi. My S-10 had a 4.3 and 220,000 miles on the odometer when I sold it. The oil pressure had maybe dropped 2-3psi when I owned it and it would run 20/40psi.....
Anyone know what the normal oil pressure is at idle for the 5.0? My sensor is reading (from EOP_PRESS(kpa) PID) is reading 70-90 kpa at idle. This converts to roughly 10-13 psi.
I was just wondering what is normal oil pressure when hot? Under normal throttle my factory guage is at 40-45 psi. When I'm sitting at a light idleing in D or neutral it drops down to 25 psi or so. Just curious if this is the norm...
Nov 11, 2014 · The cam chain tensioners lose hydraulic pressure sometimes, causing the cam chains to rattle loudly, and for some reason the oil light flickers at idle, particularly after running it hard. I put some 60k miles on my 2004 and it never had a problem, but was very annoying.
What do you guys think about oil pressure being at 27-30 at idle? I have a 2011 V and everything seems fine, just was checking the gauges and noticed while sitting at the light it would bounce from 27 to about 30. This is when the car is fully warmed up and been driving normal. While driving the pressure it low 40's in the 2k range.
I have a 46 CJ2A with an F-head conversion. I have noticed my oil pressure is up around 60 psi at idle, and around 75 - 80 psi at 40 mph (as fast as I want to go in it) according to the gauge. I am currently running 16 oz of Marvel Mystery Oil and the remainder is 5W30 conventional oil.
Feb 10, 2018 · Depending on your rear-end gears, driving 55 mph in 6th gear you are only going to be a few hundred rpm's over idle speed. You are not going to generate much increase in oil pressure at low rpm's like that. If you have 10 lbs or more oil pressure for each 1,000 rpm's (at least 30 psi at 3,000 rpm for example) you are usually good to go.
So at idle it should be around 6 PSI or less? Mine is about 25 at warm idle in Park, 20 at warm idle in Drive and slightly over 40 at 200RPM warm while normal driving. Normal oil pressure for 5.3 Jun 02 2012, 1:37pm
The LPOP oil pressure sensor is a switch that activates at about 7psi. Every 03-04 I've seen with low oil pressure at idle was missing the steel ball from the hpop. Only problem is now when I come to a stop the oil pressure gauge drops to zero, but the second I tap the throttle it goes to normal.
Jan 27, 2010 · My stock oil pressure gauge was telling me that I had low pressure, so I replaced the sending unit and still got bascially the same results. The stock gauge was reading normal oil pressure at cold idle & while driving @ operating temp.), but at warm idle, it said I didn't have any pressure.
Low oil pressure on your 5.3 at idle? If so, watch this video and I will explain how to diagnose what your problem may be.
So at idle it should be around 6 PSI or less? Mine is about 25 at warm idle in Park, 20 at warm idle in Drive and slightly over 40 at 200RPM warm while normal driving. Normal oil pressure for 5.3 Jun 02 2012, 1:37pm
3.5.2. Oil filter Check for oil pressure and oil leaks, and repair or replace the oil filter if necessary. Change the oil filter cartridge simultane-ously at every replacement of engine oil. Up to the first 50 hours ● Engine should be run at fast idling until the temperature of the engine becomes normal oper
Jan 01, 2013 · Instead of locking onto the rapidly blurring scenery ahead of you, your eyes are glued to the oil-pressure gauge. Rather than its usual reading of around 40 psi, the display has climbed into the...
I was just wonder what types of pressure other people are having on there boats. I have a Gen 6 454 that today had about: 40lbs at 2500rpm (cold) 25lbs at 900rpm idle (cold) The other day my pressure got really low in the poker run obviously because it was running alot hotter then usual.
Jul 01, 2013 · At idle mine is normally just a smidgeon below the 30 psi wark but on a couple of really warm days during the last month she was idling aroud the 20 psi mark. Still in spec according to Nissan but caused a fluttering in the nether regions to the extent that I changed the pressure sender to make sure that the reading was as accurate as possible.
Happened twice yesterday offshore both times at idle. As soon as I increased the rpms it was fine. Engine runs perfect. When I got back to dock I checked oil level ( 45 hours on current oil) It was fine.Operating temp was fine at 129 degrees. I cant seem to find actual oil pressure on the square gauge.
I have been looking at a 2004 Tundra Double Cab with the V8 engine. What concerned me was that at idle the oil pressure gauge dropped almost to the lower "safe range" mark. And when you accelerate it does go up. The engine does have about 130k miles on it. I was wondering if this was normal for the gauge to change that much from idle to say 3k rpm.
Jan 15, 2003 · the oil pump can only pump as much oil as the engine clearances allow at the max pressure that the oil pump bye -pass circuit will allow, and no more. for your idea to be correct (which it could be under some conditions)the oil flow through the engine clearances would need to be so great that the pump turning at 3500rpm,7000rpm engine speed ...
Feb 01, 2006 · Got 1500 miles on an 06 and getting ready for TT APS kit in March. Oil pressure at idle is 15 lbs and this is in 40 degree weather. It seems normal the rest of the time 60+. Worried when the turbos are installed as I will loose a small volume to them. Normal or not? Thanks!!! Mike
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i just installed my fuel pressure gauge today. and it reads opposite of what i assumed. i thought the psi would go down when i revved it but it goes up. [slap] at an idle it stays at 22psi, when i rev it goes up to 35-39psi. whats good psi, and at what psi indicates the pumps not doing so...
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